Introducing Framewrk:

Framewrk is the first consulting agency app for small businesses powered by Artificial Intelligence. Anytime you need help with business planning, sales, fundraising, beating competitors, keeping your head focused, and everything in between - you can use the Framewrk App for it all.


how it works

The best consultants ask the best questions. Once you login to the Framewrk App, you can answer questions about your business. As you respond, Framewrk will provide you with the best guidance on how to build your company. The app is full of videos, articles, interactive workshops, community, and more. Framewrk gives you step-by-step support for everything you need to build your business. All you have to do is answer questions.


framewrk’s support

Sometimes you need a competitive analysis. Sometimes you need a build a business plan, or steps on how to incorporate, fundraise, meditate, survey customers, build a product, or more. It doesn’t matter what you need - Framewrk knows it and by asking questions, the app gives you exactly what you need. You can read our blog for a list of all the support the Framewrk App provides.


coming soon

Right now, we’re hard at work coding the Framewrk App platform to release it to the public. If you want to test our prototype or pre-subscribe, sign-up below. We’ll send you an email and can even get started on helping you build your business now.