Framewrk Pilot Testimonials

“I went through a hands-on pilot test of the Framewrk platform and it challenged my thinking more than anything before. I’m eternally grateful.”

While building the app, we wanted a way of testing our assumptions. Much of our app is built around questioning - asking question after question to uncover unique insights about business. Our responsibility, however, is not to inundate you with a bunch of questions but to expose you to the right questions. We began this process by asking Derek about his business model, customers, team, and competition; then where he wanted to be in six months and what small steps it would take to get there. From there, we had to adjust our questioning because it wouldn’t have made sense to ask more about his customers when they were still undergoing the discovery stage. What we learned is that our questions needed to be responsive, they had to adapt to our customer’s line of answers. Here’s what Derek had to say.

“In the pilot, I sat down with a survey of questions from Framewrk. Each time I skipped a question, the team would make a note and ask me why I skipped it. I’d inform them that it was either irrelevant or I just didn’t have enough information. We were at this for hours, painstakingly going through question after question to figure out the best flow for me so I was answering questions that I wanted to and they could build those behaviors into their model. It was a tiring process, but honestly, it helped me question some things I hadn’t before like creating a pilot program, researching User Experience, and not reinventing the wheel.”

Derek Knox, iEdapts

David Hunt