Framewrk Use Cases

Framewrk is a platform for entrepreneurs to get the help they need for their businesses to grow. We've received feedback that the scope can appear too broad, and that there are so many topics to help entrepreneurs with.

We developed this document to showcase specific use cases for Framewrk and how they are designed to be built efficiently. Much of our content is process oriented i.e. breaking the goals that our customers need to achieve into smaller elements and helping them understand how to think about their growth.

Our charge is not to tell entrepreneurs what to do, which creates the rabbit hole of creating content for myriad topics. Our charge is to improve how entrepreneurs think about their problems, and equip them with the tools to refine their thinking and their businesses.

This really begins with asking the right questions. As you may know, one of the main experiences with the Framewrk platform is providing questions to our customers, and based on those questions they are served up resources.

In this blog post, we detail some of the most important and most compelling use cases for those questions and their related responses.

Interactive Workshops

When David worked at Johnson & Johnson, we underwent brand positioning workshops with independent agencies. These workshops immersed our teams in experiences meant to understand how to develop our brand messaging to secure customers. This is a valuable tool that many entrepreneurs lack access to due to high costs and lack of awareness about them.

Framewrk will provide the customer with an interactive brand positioning workshop that the customer can invite additional team members to. The team will be able to click through a guiding slideshow presentation that is supported with audio recordings explaining concepts, and exercises to complete together. Here's how it works:

Team lead provides email addresses of everyone who will be invited to the workshop;

  • Framewrk platform sends automatically generated email to each team member to schedule the time they will conduct the website via the Framewrk platform;

  • Once a central time has been aligned to, Framewrk sends out a pre-workshop survey;

  • Once the pre-workshop survey has been completed, Framewrk launches the workshop at the scheduled date and time;

  • The workshop leader clicks through the slides, listens to the audio guidance, and facilitates the exercises;

  • Throughout the workshop, the Framewrk platform asks questions that get submitted and delivered within the presentation;

  • Workshop ends, facilitator receives a report of responses, and next steps from the Framewrk platform

The beauty of this interactive workshop is that it isn't exclusive to brand positioning. We'll develop workshops on pricing strategies, prototyping, orientations, and more.

Competitive Reports

Many entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to understanding how to position themselves against their competitors. Because of this, we determined that it would be useful and valuable to help provide our customers with competitive reports to help them make smarter decisions about marketing.

Framewrk will run the competitor's website through a website audit collecting information such as website traffic, SEO rankings, site load time, etc. and provide our customer with an automatically generated competitive report that delivers insights such as:

Which websites are directing traffic to the competitors site so our customer can see if that site is appropriate to advertise on;

  • What keywords the competitor site is ranking for so our customer can see if those are keywords to pay for in SEO;

  • and more

Case Studies

The case method is an extremely popular tool among elite graduates schools. However, despite its popularity and effectiveness in higher education circles; it's benefits haven't touched other industries i.e. startups. We believe that providing case study material to our customers will help them improve their decision making ability when it comes to potential scenarios they have yet to experience.

Framewrk will provide the customer with a deep-dive case study that can either be read or listened to. Within each case study, there are key challenge questions asked. The customer will respond to these questions individually, unless they are a part of the higher subscription tier where customers can engage in specific case study interactions together.

Promotional Material

Entrepreneurs are challenged to wear multiple hats. Sometimes, however, just because they have to wear the hat of making marketing materials doesn't mean they enjoy it or are even great at it. We decided to supplement this skill by allowing customers to upload their mission statements, messages, logo, brand colors, etc. and automatically generate promotional material for them like brochures, flyers, email templates, etc. that they can use.

Similar to American Express' Small Business Saturday auto-material generator, Framewrk will automatically generate promotional material that is on-brand with our customer companies. They can choose from a list of items i.e. business cards, social media items, etc. and receive material to promote their business.

The beauty of this is that it is automatic and can be coded according to how to combine different brand colors together effectively. Secondly, we create an opportunity for customers to print this material out or order it through a third-party vendor.

Stay tuned for more!

David Hunt