Most Common Critiques of Framewrk

When you interview over 150 entrepreneurs and pitch to over 50 potential investors, you start to see patterns in the conversations. As a business, that’s great information to reflect on and adjust your sails. Feedback only makes you better - if you learn from it and evolve with it. In this blog post, we discuss some of the most common critiques we’ve heard about Framewrk and what we’re doing to strengthen our business model.

‘Entrepreneurs’ aren’t a Niche market. How could you possibly have enough content?

You’re absolutely right - entrepreneurs and their businesses have a lot of different needs. We don’t strive to be the ‘we have every single recommendation that you’d ever need’. Our focus is on creating original content that challenges how entrepreneurs think. By developing process oriented content + resources, we strive to insulate ourselves from the minutia that is ironically everything under the sun.

For what you’re providing, your pricing seems too low. Are you running the risk of commoditizing yourself?

Framewrk’s app is an adaptive one; it learns with a higher volume of subscribers. With that type of system, our marginal efficiency increases while development costs remain relatively flat. From a cost perspective, we offer Framewrk at these prices to capture profit from volume. From a vision perspective, we derive value from data. The more entrepreneurs using Framewrk, the better information we can provide + the better insights we can understand to help improve the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

But there are already other apps out there like this…

There are apps that help businesses - yes. There are apps that consult businesses - yes. However, we don’t strive to be an app. We strive to be a software; an integrated piece of entrepreneurs journeys. Software creates stickiness and scale capability into…hardware. Yes, there’s something special cooking up.

It sounds great, but where is the MVP? How come I can’t play with the prototype?

Unfortunately, the engineers we hired to build our prototype were not incentivized correctly. That’s our mistake and a significant reason why we plan on hiring a software development company to build the launch version of Framewrk. We all make mistakes, we understand ours, and are working to bring entrepreneurs an MVP Prototype and ultimately an MVP Winning Platform.

David Hunt