Our Methodology

There’s a significant opportunity for Framewrk to transform the way entrepreneurs think about themselves and their businesses. We intend to build that for + with entrepreneurs. If we are successful, another opportunity emerges - the ability to understand what works + what doesn’t work to create success.

This has been attempted before - it is called predictive analytics. It is where organizations look to the past to understand experiences like success + failure, measure data points like financials + academic pedigree, and try to predict which companies will be successful.

There is a fundamental flaw with that model, and it is that the data used is static + historical. We propose another way, using past + active data to develop predictive + corrective success models. The more entrepreneurs that use Framewrk, the better support we are able to provide. If we’re serving entrepreneurs in the best way possible and they’ve bought into Framewrk as a trusted resource, we will be able to nudge them in the right direction before key negative triggers emerge.

That’s where we’re headed, but to view our full Methodology, you can download it here.

David Hunt