Dear Potential Investors,


You want an awesome business to invest in, and you want it now. Fortunately, we’ve structured our business in such a way that understanding if we align with your investment philosophy + profile is efficient.

Laid out below are some of the most important elements that will help you make an informed decision. If something sparks your interest or you’d like to learn more; please send us a message.


Awesome Business [Framewrk]

speaking [candidly]

Let me be up front about where we are, our key challenges, and our opportunities.

Right Now: we’re focused on building our MVP prototype. To-date, we’ve invested the lion’s share of our capital into developing original content i.e. responsive question decision trees, tutorial videos, case studies, interactive workshops, etc.

Greatest Weakness

  • We brought in two individual engineers and contracted them to build our MVP Prototype. I learned that I failed in our hiring process: both engineers took on a role that they were not equipped to fulfill and Framewrk was left stranded without a prototype. We must do better with the talent we bring on board.

Greatest Strength

  • Our Visionary Planning: Even with hiccups on the engineering side, we did not let that derail our plans securing email sign-ups, setting up a soft partnership agreement with a co-working space, talking to customers everyday, and building amazing content. We have a strong plan to achieve our vision and we will continue executing on it.

specific [use cases]

Framewrk has an extremely large opportunity to equip entrepreneurs + small businesses with experiences often times exclusive to larger corporations. This includes brand positioning workshops, financial pricing strategy immersions, case method interactions, and more. You can view some of the specific use cases in the document below.

Use Cases

our model’s [methodology]

Framewrk’s consulting agency is just the start. We have larger ambitions that will really help entrepreneurs thrive. If you think about the current entrepreneurial ecosystem - there’s another fundamental problem.

People are trying to predict success, and they use static historical static i.e. financials, performance, etc. Framewrk’s ultimate potential lies in being able to truly understand what creates success, and how to predict + correct for optimal performance. You can view our methodology below.



our pitch [deck]

Currently, we are raising $150,000 in exchange for 10% of our business. We are asking for investors to provide minimum capital investments of $25k. With this investment raise, we plan to [1] complete our prototype, [2] go-to-market to generate revenue from subscribers, and [3] develop more amazing original content.

Download Pitch Deck

financial [projections]

To assess the full financial potential of Framewrk, we’ve compiled our Financial Projections. This includes our key assumptions, allocations for our investment raise, and 18 month + 3-5 year projections. You can view those below.

Financial Projections

framewrk [Roadmap]

What got us here won’t get us there [future success]. We have to continually innovate, and while things may change, it’s better to have a plan and roadmap for the future than not to. In the following document is our roadmap i.e. future app features + functionality to help Framewrk thrive.



How do you even know that we know what we’re talking about? How can you trust that our prospects will believe in our vision but more importantly, believe in our credentials? You can view some of our Testimonials in testing a hands-on Framewrk Pilot here.


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