Dear Future,

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t want to entrepreneurs to win. They want us to survive, sure - the economy depends on that. But to win is a completely different ball game.

If society wanted entrepreneurs to win, they’d stop telling us ‘what’ to think - they’d stop telling us ‘what’ we should be doing, giving us entertainment dressed up like education [Shark Tank], and filling our heads with false definitions of ‘what’ success is.

Instead, society would be showing us entrepreneurs ‘how’ to think; providing us with mental frameworks that equipped us with true tools to grow ourselves + our businesses. To date, the main support that provides this are consulting agencies but they cost too much.

Large companies have millions of dollars to invest in hiring expensive consulting agencies that help them grow and it only widens the gap between big business and budding entrepreneurs. This is the standard; it’s not the exception + it makes the game tougher.

Future, I want to level the playing field. I want to equip entrepreneurs with access to what those consulting agencies do - the knowledge, resources, and talents they have.

If you’ve never hired a consulting agency before, here’s a snapshot of what you’d experience. They would sit you down and ask you questions. From your responses, they’d analyze your business and research your industry. They’d develop a roadmap and then work with you to elevate your thinking and execute to achieve your goals.

They’d take you through workshops, immerse you in scenario analyses, run models, and guide you…if you paid for that level of service.

However, all of that expertise and those powerhouse experiences can be delivered to the masses. It starts with questioning - asking question after question after question to understand the you and your business. From there, conducting analyses to understand the best ways to chart the future forward with a plan.

Then working side-by-side with the entrepreneur to build themselves and their dreams. Future, I write you today saying that this is possible with Framewrk. That we can develop a software to help entrepreneurs get the consulting expertise they need, to help them learn how to think and ultimately how to build their dreams.

So, Future, we’ll see you soon - with a wealth of entrepreneurs creating the futures they desire.

With Love,

David V. Hunt