Ava Consultant

Ava is your personalized Artificially Intelligent consultant here to support your needs. Ask Ava…to do research for you, write marketing content, draft up legal documents, and more.

Hiring a consultant is expensive. While many consulting agencies charge $400+/hour, Framewrk decided there was a better and more cost-effective way to get the insights and support startups + small businesses need.

Ava is your very own business consultant powered by Artificial Intelligence. Ava is here to learn as much about your business as possible to provide you with the best suggestions for reaching your goals.

Work that used to take days, Ava can complete in seconds like writing up blog posts or marketing content, drafting legal documents for lawyers to review, writing emails to customers or investors, creating scripts for presentations, research statistics and data relevant to your business, and so much more.

Ask Ava... anything


For research about your target market


What emerging trends are happening in your industry


To put together a presentation or strategy for your company

Ava Testimonials

See how Ava is helping businesses move forward at lower costs.

James A.

"I asked Ava to write a business plan for me that I could edit!"

Mike C.

"I asked Ava for research on new business ideas and launched a Benefits business."

Jess Z.

"Ava created a social media marketing strategy that my bar used for new events."

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Ava is trained on the best business practices and learns as you build your company. The more you ask her, the better and more customized insights she’s able to provide. Ava is secure and conversations are kept confidential to protect your privacy throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

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