Gift [a] Founder

Does your organization want to make an economic impact that it can track? Partnering with Framewrk enables you to sponsor access to targeted groups of entrepreneurs and track their success metrics over time such as profitability, employment growth, and more.

Gift a Founder

Entrepreneurs have committed themselves to building something that the world needs so thank you for even considering fueling them forward. When you empower founders with the ability to reach their dreams, it’s more than just a gift.

It’s a way to seize opportunities and capture a life most times only dreamed of.

The Impact

Every Founder you gift receives:

Free access to the Framewrk mobile and desktop app

Their very own AI-consultant for their business

Regular notifications to keep them motivated and accountable

Exclusively curated Mastermind Groups for weekly meetings

Access to all diagnostics to analyze business challenges and move forward

The Framewrk gift box in the mail complete with signature dice and time capsule

Belief in them and their ability to achieve their dreams

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Choose which founders you'd like to gift Framewrk access to. 
Whether it's 1 or 100, it's all inspiration.



Whether it's one-month of Framewrk access or one full-year, select your gift. Sometimes one month is enough to kick founders off. Other times, one full year is needed to unleash their potential.



Once you complete your payment, we'll handle the rest. We'll reach out to you with a 'Welcome Packet' and get the founders you're supporting their free access to Framewrk.

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