The FramewrkVenture Lab

Profitability matters. We help startups and small businesses reach or grow profitability through an immersive Venture Lab experience.

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Applying to the lab

Joining the Lab

If you join the Venture Lab, here’s what you can expect:

Invite [a] Founder

After your application has been processed, if it meets our requirements we’ll schedule a deep Discovery call to ask you questions about your company, goals, and current status. This call is meant to explore all the nuances that you want to share about where you want to take your business and what support you need to get there.

Invite [a] Founder

If all goes well on the call, we’ll begin engaging in discussions around investing $10k into your business. In certain circumstances, we may select to invest more capital into your company. We’ll work with you to set the terms of the investment and how it is structured.

Invite [a] Founder

While you have your goals, we also have ours. At a minimum, we want to take your business to at least $1 million in net profit so we’ll be working to ensure you’re on that path and can move steadfastly towards it and beyond it. Our dedicated team of consultants will help map out plans and support you along the way. We’ll establish a communication structure and schedule regular check-ins to drive positive results for your business.

The Venture Lab 1:3:6

This is not the case for all investment, but we like to share it to showcase how we think. All investment terms are negotiable.

Dedicate our consultants to your business for at least 1 year

Define 3 specific milestones you’d like to achieve

Obtain at least 6% equity in your company over the lifetime of working with you

For the investment, we like to actively engage with you over a period of one year to achieve 3 mutually agreed upon milestones, and secure at least 6% ownership in your business.

If we’re able to get you to $1 million in net profit over the lifetime of your business, that 6% translates into $60,000 annual revenue towards Framewrk which more than returns our initial financial investment, not including the time of dedicated consultants. We love that.

Venture Lab FAQs

What does Framewrk look for when making investment decisions?

We look for companies that we can clearly take to at least $1 million in net profit. If you’re a business that our team of consultants has expertise with or sees clear opportunities with your team, coachability, and effort that can knock it out of the park, it’s likely that we will invest.

Are there other perks for teams within the Venture Lab?

We’re working on getting perks that you’d actually value. Not just discounts on other services or one year of free products…so we’ll keep you posted. Currently the only perk is lifetime free access to Framewrk.

Are you a Venture Capitalist (VC)?

Fuck no.

Other programs promise a lot of stuff like connections to investors, partners, etc. but never deliver. Are you one of those programs?

Call our Founder. He can tell you what we are and what we’re not. (704) 299-9873

What are your typical investment terms?

We don’t have typical investment terms. We like to set that in front of you to negotiate. Many companies have other investors, don’t want taxable events, etc. so we’re open to the terms in which we invest. We do have our 1:3:6 model that we like to use for context, however.