Our Mission

Our mission is to help 1 million startups and small businesses reach at least $1 million in net profit.

When a company makes $1 million in net profit, the world is their oyster. They can sustain their efforts with more efficiency, raise money at better terms, scale up their operations with more precision, expand into different markets, and more.

We want entrepreneurs to reach the point in their lives where they’re not worried about “the next.”

The next bill, the next meal, the next this or that. When you’re sitting on profit, you have the ability to reinvest in your community, create generational wealth, take a few extra vacations, and so much more.

What would life look like if your company earned an additional

$1 million each year?

Our Manifesto

We're here for Economic Mobility: helping entrepreneurs across the globe reach profitability and beyond. Let's create new models of success and make life work for us.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the greatest hub of entrepreneurship and small business on the planet.

We desire to help companies at their earliest and latest stages of development to reach and grow to their profitability.

Businesses are and have been struggling to grow, raise capital, manage capital, build teams, expand, and so much. Like any evolution, there are stages and the stages we believe we’ll need to grow through are designed to provide the most value to you.

Founder Communities

Founder to Founder. We are stronger together, sharing ideas and experiences that help us see our own blindspots and hold each other accountable to grow.

Building Better Teams

Business isn’t just about business. Our platform will help you build better teams and better relationships with your existing team to drive more progress.

Infrastructure Innovation

We desire to be the infrastructure that businesses are built on, to intimately know and support companies like yours in your best and worst moments and give you the recommendations for growth along the way.

Corrective Analytics

We aspire to create a global system of analytics that helps you course correct even the smallest decisions to avoid mistakes and help move your company forward.

Global Economic Boost

Company to company. We dream to have the most connected small business platform on the planet, making introductions to other companies where partnerships and growth can happen near instantaneously.

David Hunt

Our Secret Sauce

You can change your life by changing the questions you ask yourself. Ask the right questions is the secret sauce that underpins all of Framewrk. By challenging ourselves as Founders and as teams, to ask better questions, we will create better lives. When you dig deep and ask yourself questions that demand more of your awareness and reflection, you’ll expand what you’ve ever thought yourself capable of. At virtually every aspect of the Framewrk experience, we’re fueled by these: questions that you ask your consultants, questions we ask you to understand and learn more, and more. 

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You can change your life by changing the questions you ask yourself. Ask the right questions is the secret sauce that underpins

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