The 12-month program that helps entrepreneurs advance closer to their goals…and you get to choose your path.

We are stronger together.

Mastermind Groups are specially created groups between entrepreneurs to hold each other accountable, share ideas, and advance closer to goals.

Mastermind Groups

Every Mastermind Group includes 3 entrepreneurs. You’ll all meet weekly through video meetings in Framewrk, which are specially designed to help you remain consistent and accountable towards your goals.

Throughout the week, Framewrk provides reminders, prompts, and activities to keep you motivated and locked in on momentum.

The Program

Each week, video-meet with a group of entrepreneurs on Framewrk to talk about your weekly experiences, wins + losses, upcoming goals, and conclude with a surprise activity.

Engage with your group anytime in a chat moderated by a trained professional.

Programs start on the first business day of each month.

Mastermind Group Structure

3 entrepreneurs
 + 1 moderator

3 entrepreneurs + 1 moderator

Exclusive chat group with your curated members

Exclusive chat group with your curated members

60-minute video meetings each week

60-minute video meetings each week

Weekly notifications and activities that fit your schedule

Weekly notifications and activities that fit your schedule

How Your Group is Formed

Here's the beautiful get to choose.
You can select to experience the program with two other entrepreneurs that you select, or through Framewrk's Mastermind Matching System, we can select a group that we think you would love.

The Framewrk Matching System

When you join Framewrk, we ask you details about you and your business, such as stage, industry, and title. We use this to analyze the goals in your profile and match you with other members.

Having a curated group is crucial. Framewrk ensures you're paired with experienced members that will help you progress. While it might take longer to match you, it's essential to connect with people that you will understand and who can provide value.

Monthly Programming

Each month tackles a different topic designed to engage you with your other group members and advance you towards your goals. When you sign-up for a Mastermind Group, together, your group can choose which monthly topics you’d like to experience in order.

Below is the curricula for each month of the program:



Deeply connect with other entrepreneurs and build relationships that will last forever.



Understand the principles, rituals, and artifacts that go into building a powerful company culture.



Cultivate a deep understanding of yourself, how to optimize your skills, and who you should surround yourself with.



Improve your company workflows by refining the divisions, processes, and technology you use to move forward.



Learn to lead more effectively, attract great team members, and bring out your team’s most productive skillsets.



Reach, grow, or scale profitability to have more autonomy and flexibility over your company’s direction.



Understand what legal documents and legal counsel you’re likely to need to move your company forward.



Determine high probability risks of your business and design plans that overcome the challenges associated with them.



Craft your own ‘Infinite Loop’ to market your business in more effective ways and win customers.



Leverage customer understanding as your most important competitive advantage and rise above the competitors.



Position your brand for the right people in the right places at the right times to differentiate your company.



Equip yourself with the regular processes necessary to keep your energy fueled and consistent.

Weekly Meeting Agendas

Each weekly meeting has an agenda to help you get the most value from them. 

Each meeting is followed by a post-meeting survey where you input the goals you have for the following week from your discussion. Throughout the week, Framewrk will automatically check-in with you on these goals to track your progress along the way and identify if there are additional ways to support you.

Highs + Lows

Everyone shares their wins and losses from the past week.

The Hot Seat

One person is in the “Hot Seat,” where they can share anything, from what has been going well to challenges they need help with. Everyone listens to their experiences, asks questions, and shares insights that can help them move forward.

Weekly Goals

Each person shares their specific goals to accomplish by the next meeting.

Surprise Experience

Each meeting comes with a unique surprise experience that helps everyone get prepared for the week ahead.

Pay-it-Forward Pricing

We meant it when we say: ‘we are stronger together’.

Our unique pay-it-forward pricing means that you don’t pay for yourself…but you pay for another member in your Mastermind Group. Whether you opt-in to the monthly program or the annual program, pay-it-forward enables you to keep yourself and your other group members accountable for growth.

Resources and FAQs

What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is an exclusive group of like-minded people who come together to share their experiences and insights. The purpose is to learn from each other and help each other reach very specific goals. In a Framewrk Mastermind Group, each week you and the other individuals will meet weekly via video to discuss your ups and downs, dive into what you’re struggling with and get feedback to push forward.

The topics that you discuss are up to you. If you’re struggling with figuring out how to hire the right people, raise money from investors, managing your mental and emotional health, figuring out how to expand into a new industry, need support with prioritizing decisions, managing growing complexity in your organization…anything that you need help with.

Each group is specially selected to your needs, and includes a trained moderator to help facilitate discussions in the chat groups and weekly video meetings.

How is my Mastermind Group selected?

When you went through the signup process for Framewrk, we asked questions about your business like your stage, industry, title, and more. Not only do we use those elements to match you to other individuals, but we also analyze the goals you’ve set for yourself in your profile.

Having a curated group is extremely important. You want to make sure that you’re matched with people who have the experience that can help you move forward. Framewrk does the heavy lifting on analyzing the backgrounds and needs of each person. While this may take a bit more time, we think it’s important for you to be matched to people that you will actually get value from…and people who you can provide value to.

What happens when I’m matched to a group?

After your group has been matched, you will receive a notification. Whether you’d like to use the web application on your computer or the mobile app; you will then be able to join the chat group with other members. That group is where you can explore others' profiles to learn more about who they are and how they can help you, engage in conversations to get to know each other, and set up your weekly meeting time. You’ll also be introduced to your group moderator who is there to help you get the most value from your group.

How does my group’s moderator work?

Your group moderator is there for your support. When you first access your Mastermind Group, your moderator will kick off with questions to help each person get to know each other. Afterwards, they’ll ask each person which days and times work best to meet weekly, and they’ll schedule the video meetings. In the first video meeting, your moderator will guide you through the Framewrk platform and how to make the best use of it. While your moderator won’t attend every meeting, they will explain the finer details of each weekly meeting and how to facilitate them among each person in your group.

In your chat groups, based on discussions and questions that you have, your moderator will send relevant content like articles, videos, and even personalized voice notes to help you.

Why do other Mastermind Groups suck?
No white glove approach, no curated matches

Typically, once a person is in a group, they have to figure it out themselves, which creates big gaps in getting the value you need. We white-glove your experience by curating who you’re matched with, facilitate meetings with your trained moderator, show you how to use the platform, and help with introductions to others to bring you closer together.

The more people, the harder it is to keep quality interactions

It’s hard to maintain quality with more people. Who wants to be in a group with 8+ other individuals where they can’t get direct support? If you’re meeting each week, that would mean you’d have to wait 8 weeks before you got a chance to fully dive into your challenges and get support.We keep our Founder to Founder groups to three people each, even as the broader community grows. That delivers a better ability to keep high quality groups over time.

People outgrow them

Once people accomplish what they’ve set out to do, there’s usually a lower need for continuing to engage with each other. We lead that growth by matching the right people to the right teams, and help you build better cultures and better companies. A year from now, you should have bigger and bolder problems, which means you’re growing. If you have the right people in the group, you’re all growing together and improving how you support each other.