Framewrk Manifesto



Dear Reader, we’re here for economic empowerment. I set out to re-frame the way that people think about their businesses. We tend to frame our thoughts and ultimately our actions from the information that we’re conveniently provided. We take what the news says and make crucial decisions about our lives and our futures. We look at shows or leaders, taking sound bites and building our companies, our perspectives, and ultimately our lives after them. We become models of those before us, and we miss the ability to create our own models, to make the frames we so often view life through, work for us.

Framewrk is about creation. Creating new opportunities, new perspectives, new companies, new futures. There is one consistent element, present across the entire globe that supports and speeds up the process of creation. That is capital.

Capital, financial capital, is a powerful force that turns ideas into physical realities. Without it, creation is not impossible but it is more challenging. Capital speeds up the progress towards handling the world’s most pressing problems, creating healthcare facilities, new approaches to food scarcity, new educational systems, technologies, and more. Capital has also sped up the process of stripping the world of its resources. It is a double edged sword.

In this, the most sobering reality is that capital is a resource that, in amounts significant enough to create things worth creating; is isolated to a proportionally small number of people. Global wealth is held in the hands of a select minority.

But I challenge you to imagine. Imagine communities across the globe that you view as undercapitalized. They don’t have the resources of adequate education and healthcare, transportation, or remote communication, and perpetuating that cycle; they don’t have the capital to build those resources for themselves. Without those resources, human capital is viewed as ‘less-than’ so where does outside investment go? It either completely avoids those communities or it goes to a select few to strip those communities of its natural resources if it is so lucky to have them.

So, we are charged to ask ourselves. How do we create capital? How do we uplift those communities that are undercapitalized to create a tide in which many communities rise? Besides central banks that print undervalued currency, how do we create capital? Particularly, I beg you to ask yourself the question - how do we create intellectual capital that precedes financial capital?

Through business. Through the ingenuity of individuals and communities, identifying how to create value that can be compensated. The days of bartering and trade are long gone, and while I’d like to bring them back, creating companies is the most opportune advantage we have in creating capital, lifting global equity, and building a brighter future.

My vision is for Framewrk to become a steward of economic empowerment. I envision a world where we are so intimately connected to the people who create companies across the furthest reaches of the globe, that we are able to co-create economically empowered communities with them. Communities exist through an inextricably linked system of interactions. We call those interactions businesses, healthcare, education, policy, infrastructure, and more. My vision is that we inspire these companies, equipping them with the support to grow their communities, raising the tide of global equity and interaction.

Sandcastle 1

Building a business is one of the time-tested ways to create generational wealth in this world. Whether it’s a bodega or a billion dollar business, entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of economies across the world. However, when entrepreneurs/founders set off on their journey, they’re underprepared for the emotional turmoil that ensues. Founder-to-founder conversations are the most empathetically powerful way for new entrepreneurs to manage the emotional journey ahead. In our “first” product delivery, we’ll strive to become the Vistage for small businesses, where we intentionally connect founders together to build each other up. It starts with the emotional alignment for the journey ahead.

Sandcastle 2

Founders are engaged in these groups with other Founders. They’re encouraging, empowering, and challenging each other. Underneath the surface, we’re actually learning the personality profiles of these Founders, asking questions that feed into a system able to match co-founders, team members, and build leadership skills. In every group, we’re asking questions that feed into a system of deeply understanding Founders to educate them on how to build better teams, culture, and skills to lead the companies of the future.

Sandcastle 3

Framewrk expands to a technology as a systematic consulting system serving small businesses. Specifically, companies will build their organizational infrastructure on top of Framewrk. They’ll complete assessments that compile a view of their business health and how to make suggestions for necessary services like banking, technology, communication, and more. We must build a comprehensive system of support that clients build faith in, and that their companies create profitable value from. This must extend beyond the reaches of what we call ‘home’, beyond domestic borders and into international cultures and practices. Framewrk will have no global impact if it does not support companies across the globe.

Sandcastle 4

The fourth step in this process is much less obvious, and arises with volume and value. The volume of clients and value of our technology. The third step in this process is our system of Corrective Analytics - using patterns of volumes of data on small business interactions to see issues before they arise and course correct, a field that arguably exists albeit without substantive empirical data. Corrective analytics is Framewrk’s ability to accurately forecast our client’s likelihood of following a previously observed failure pathway, and suggesting corrective measures to realign them to a success pathway aka de-risk, de-risk, de-risk.

The Sandbox

We must create a global system of economic empowerment, bridging the intellectual and financial capital gap. Banks and other monetary institutions have billions of dollars in capital that they commit to economic development initiatives, however, those dollars aren’t distributed efficiently and are unable to track localized ROI i.e. how many jobs are businesses creating, how much revenue are the generating, how many times to capital turnover in a local area before it leaves, etc. We must work with our businesses through their communities to raise the tide of equity and interaction, impacting - their education, healthcare, transportation, communication systems, and government. This only happens as organizations reach a level in which they’re able to scale their influence in their communities through economic growth i.e. we support companies, companies grow large enough, companies have influence in their communities, we connect companies in communities together, we enrich those communities. For example, imagine an under-resourced community where the entrepreneurs are building businesses in silos.

With Framewrk’s scale, we’ll be able to connect those entrepreneurs and their companies together - to work in concert with each other, lifting the tide of economics in the region, connecting local entrepreneurs to global ones in the Framewrk ecosystem. Resources get allocated more efficiently in intentional ways. Anchor institutions like healthcare facilities, schools, etc. generate more income, jobs increase, and Framewrk was the shepherd of that community’s economic empowerment through connection aka we have such a saturation of companies and insights about them across the globe, we can connect them together and to capital to build up their communities.

Capacity Building
Financial Capital
Economic Empowerment

For those considering joining our team or as our investors

It will take time, tough conversations, creative genius, reframing the way we view ourselves, and our capacities. I write this to understand your degree of alignment and understand the best way to move forward.

For those considering joining our team as our day-to-day executors

I’d like for you to invest a week into writing down reflections on the elements that follow.

Criticisms + Comments

Share your thoughts with the vision of Framewrk. You may have immediate thoughts, some may arise over the course of the week. In any capacity, please share those. They may range from:

Specific ideas on plans to activating the vision

Your shortfalls in helping to bring that vision to life

Disagreements or agreements

The role you expect to play in bringing that vision to life

Questions for further inquiry and exploration

Where you need more education in supporting that vision

Your experiences with some or all of the elements

Others that you think would align with that vision

To anything in between or outside. Please share candidly and in a way that is authentically you.

Six Centers

Who we are together drives what we’re able to create. Our team is the force behind achieving our vision, and must be created intentionally. Great talent is a prerequisite, but personal alignment is crucially important. I seek to foster an environment in which each team member self-actualizes.

I believe this is possible through an in-depth understanding of our relationship with six key areas. By understanding what your goals are, your approaches, your shortcomings, and your disproportionate excellence to each one; I believe in crafting a systematic way to cultivate self-actualization and become a driving force to achieving the vision. Listed below are each of those areas.


Your relationship with your physical self including eating habits, exercise, pain, pleasure, biology, etc.


Your relationship with your social self including friends, family, experiences, etc.


Your relationship with your mental self including reading, clarity practices, mental resolve, mental triggers, etc.


Your relationship with the natural world around you including walks, farming, philosophies, etc.


Your relationship with your emotional self including therapy, drugs [hallucinogens, psychedelics, stimulants, depressants], cathartic activities, positive and negative triggers, etc.


Your relationship with your spiritual self including meditation, religious practices, reflections, etc.

As you write in the journal, please reflect on the following:

Your current perspective on each area

Your current place on each area

Your goals for each area

Your current and desired approaches to each area

What smaller priorities exist for you in each area

Your shortcomings in each area

Where you’re disproportionately excellent in one area versus another

What resources you have to share on the cultivation of each area [if any]

What you’d like to explore more or less of in each area;

Your fears for each area

Your affinity for each area

To anything in between or outside. Please share candidly and in a way that is authentically you.

I have a personal skew towards vulnerability, but that is not a requirement for your reflections and sharing. You are free to share the depth of your comfort. Please understand that your writing will be kept confidential between you and I. It is only equitable that I share my reflections and writing on the topics above with you as well. In addition to the enclosed journal, I have also included a journal with my perspectives. This is not a guide, this is simply to share where I am on my path and encourage an open dialogue between us both.

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Why this Matters

Our Mission

We’ve been blinded to the depth of unity that exists between humans on this planet. In its best form, it is preached but not practiced. In its worst form, it’s jargon. Our vision matters because we can create tangible unity between individuals and communities across the globe that lifts the entire planet up to equitable grounds, to grounds of adequate resource development and distribution. This is not in advocacy of a utopia, it is in advocacy of resource access and elevating the quality of life for future generations. When the quality of life is elevated, people gain greater freedom to consider elements beyond their immediate survival - they can ponder the wonders of the world, of the universe - they can create immeasurable positive impact because their frame of reference is expanded.

Personal Alignment

I’d like to get as close as possible in supporting your self-actualization and having a cohesive team. If you align with these reflections, then the chances are that you’ll align with how our team interacts with one another and our work. I leverage these Six Centers as a framework, a model. They are areas that we can collaboratively discuss and build together, a systematic way to improve your experiences with them, enhancing your life and your work here.